Tribute to Michael Mackenzie

February 21, 2018


Toronto Centre cofounder Michael A. Mackenzie passed away February 13, 2018. Michael was appointed the first federal Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) Canada in 1987. After retiring in 1994, he became a consultant to the World Bank and an executive-in-residence at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto. Working with OSFI and the World Bank, Michael helped envisage an organization to build the leadership capacities of senior financial supervisors worldwide. At Schulich, he hosted the early organizational meetings of what was to become Toronto Centre. He worked with the World Bank’s Canadian Executive Director’s office to secure seed funding, helped attract fellow heads of supervisory agencies from around the world to the cause, and participated in the delivery of early Toronto Centre programs. Michael’s many contributions to Toronto Centre will always be fondly remembered and appreciated.

Toronto Centre is a not-for-profit organization that promotes financial stability and access to financial services globally by building the capacity of financial sector regulators and supervisors, particularly in emerging markets and low-income countries. We help them develop the leadership skills and financial sector knowledge they need to build strong, efficient regulatory and supervisory agencies. Programs examine topics including how to implement best supervisory practices and how to both prevent and prepare for crisis situations that could occur in individual financial institutions or across the financial sector as a whole. Well regulated and efficient financial systems in turn contribute to a reduction in the incidence of poverty through more sustainable economic growth, job creation, and improved standards of living.

Our training programs are practical, highly interactive, and tailored to our participants’ needs. They are offered at an international, regional, or country level. Read more.

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