Toronto Centre International Leadership Program for Securities Regulators

Decoding Fintech and Capturing the Opportunities in Capital Markets

Sunday, July 14, 2019 - Friday, July 19, 2019

Program Overview

Technology has long been the engine driving capital market efficiency—both for investors in the markets, and for the capital market infrastructure providers that operate the exchanges and other trading venues, central counterparties, securities depositories, index providers, and data and analytics companies. More lately, fintechs are bringing new technologies to market even faster and with a greater impact. While it is widely recognized that fintech will have a significant influence on the industry, many remain unsure of which technologies to adopt and to what degree, and how best to engage and interact with fintech companies.

The role and importance of regulation and supervision of capital markets have grown in the past decade owing to these changes in the regulatory environment, in the investor landscape and in customer behavior. Therefore, it is important that regulators and supervisors assess the adequacy of their current regulatory frameworks to timely and appropriately respond to these innovations and mitigate new sources of risks. This program will provide participants with the tools to face these challenges successfully and thrive in a constantly evolving financial system.

Participants will also hear from experts and regulators across different jurisdictions who will illustrate inventive approaches to dealing with the root causes of financial crises. Each training session will be highly practical and interactive, incorporating the use of case studies, group activities, and a crisis simulation exercise to reinforce learning. 

Topics Covered:

  • Developing a fintech ecosystem for financial inclusion.
  • Technical and regulatory preconditions for vibrant fintech markets.
  • Regulatory tools using new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) in the oversight of capital markets.
  • Establishing a regulatory sandbox within the organization to address innovative new services or products.
  • Using the regulatory sandbox to address a new type of product (crypto asset trading platform) being offered in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Addressing an evolving crisis that involves the transmission of risk across different sectors of the financial markets and across borders.

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed for mid- to senior-level staff and managers involved in regulatory and supervisory activities. Participants should have at least three years of working experience in financial sector supervision, analysis or policy, and be proficient in English.

Registration Details

Program Fee: US $3,000                 
Early Bird Discounted Fee: US $2,500*

*Early Bird Deadline: May 15th 2019 

Where is the Program?

The program will be held downtown Toronto, at the Vantage Venues 

Networking Tour

Participants are invited to take part in a sightseeing tour of the world-renowned Niagara Falls at the beginning of the program. They will have a chance to network with peers whilst experiencing the thundering roar and powerful mist of the falls up close.


Program Venue

Vantages Venues - 16th floor 
150 King St. W., Toronto, ON M5H 1J9

Program Contact

Kelly Massad