Toronto Centre – CGAP Regional Pilot Training Program on Digital Financial Inclusion Supervision

Monday, August 8, 2016 - Friday, August 12, 2016

Program Overview
Digital Finance

This program has been jointly developed by CGAP and Toronto Centre, in partnership with the Bank of Tanzania. The training, first of its kind, aims to provide a practical and comprehensive learning experience to facilitate building of a framework for effective supervision of digital financial services at the country level, one that strikes the right balance between serving financially excluded and underserved population and protecting the safety and soundness of the financial system.


The course is designed to provide practical and comprehensive learning experience to facilitate building of a framework for effective supervision to promote digital financial inclusion. Digital financial inclusion is defined as the use of digital financial services (DFS) to advance financial inclusion. 

The essential components of digital financial inclusion are: 

  • a digital transactional platform, 
  • a device used by the customer to electronically connect to this platform, 
  • the use of retail agents for the customer to transact from, and 
  • the provision of a wider range of financial services – such as credit, savings, insurance and securities – to unbanked or underserved population.

While this course is primarily dealing with supervisory issues, it will also cover issues of regulation of DFS to the extent that the regulation in a specific country determines the scope and authority to supervise. The course will not, however, provide advice on how to create an enabling regulatory environment for DFS.

Expected Outcomes

The course is expected to help build the knowledge necessary to promote and implement the key regulatory objectives of financial inclusion, stability, integrity, and consumer protection (also referred to as I-SIP objectives) by striking a balance between providing digital financial services to the unbanked/underserved population and sound regulatory/supervisory activities. The I-SIP approach will be used as a guiding principle throughout all sessions.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at regulatory and supervisory authorities responsible for regulation and supervision of DFS providers such as central banks, single supervisory authorities, ministries of finance etc. The course is particularly (but not exclusively) relevant to departments/units in charge of banking supervision, payment systems, consumer protection and AML/CFT.

Resource Persons

The faculty of speakers will comprise of technical experts from the Toronto Centre, CGAP and other international organizations, as well as central banks in the region. They will be conducting the program in English. 

Registration Details

Please return the completed registration form via e-mail to Ms. Kathy Nguyen ( by June 30, 2016 at the latest. If you need further assistance with the registration of delegates or other logistics, please contact Mr. Amani Itatiro at or Ms. Kathy Nguyen at

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