Corporate Governance and Risk Appetite

Monday, March 9, 2020 - Thursday, March 12, 2020

Program Overview

The Toronto Centre’s mission is to enhance the capacity of financial supervisors and regulators from around the world to help improve their agency’s crisis preparedness and to promote change that will lead to a more sound and inclusive financial system.

We offer innovative, customized programs for financial sector supervisors and regulators from around the world, particularly in low income countries and emerging markets. Our programs allow participants to strengthen their supervisory skills, enhance their financial sector knowledge, and develop the leadership skills needed to make positive change. Programs blend theory and practice and are highly interactive, using case studies, presentations, and group exercises. Sessions and workshops and are taught by prominent and well-respected professionals who are available throughout our programs for individual and small-group discussions, helping participants to find solutions to their unique challenges. The ability to interact with program leaders who have lived through failures, crises, and major changes is one of the hallmarks of our programs.

Program Materials

There are no resources available for this program at the moment.