Webinar: The Importance of Gender Data for Women's Financial Inclusion

Monday, November 11, 2019 | Video

Toronto Centre’s Financial Inclusion and Gender Equality Community of Practice (CoP) is pleased to present this informative webinar that discusses how gender data can be used to increase financial inclusion.

In this Webinar, Stephanie Oula, Senior Program Officer, Data2X, United Nations Foundation discusses:

  • The importance of gender data for a policy and market approach to women’s financial inclusion.
  • Lessons learned from the Women’s Financial Inclusion Data Partnership’s work on national efforts to promote sex-disaggregated demand and supply-side data, including country-specific cases from Chile, Mexico, Rwanda, Zambia, and Egypt.
  • New frontiers for gender data and digital financial services.
  • The implications and opportunities for financial supervisors and regulators. 
Watch the full webinar here:

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