Video of TC's Executive Panel "Improving Digital and Financial Inclusion for Gender Equality" Executive Panel at the 2018 IMF/WB Annual Meeting

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | Video
Thursday October 11th 2018 2:30pm - 4:00pm 
Bali, Indonesia 

Toronto Centre hosted a thought provoking panel session at the recent 2018 IMF/WB Annual Meetings held in Bali Indonesia. on "Improving Digital and Financial Inclusion for Gender Equality". We are grateful to our distinguished speakers for their participation and valued remarks on the topic. 

The panel discussed:

The importance of financial and digital inclusion for women and what role regulators, supervisors and financial service providers can play in harnessing innovation for gender equality and addressed the following questions:
  • What actions have been most effective in increasing access to and usage of financial services by women and how they can be incorporated into strategies designed for inclusive financial sectors.
  • How to improve the quality, availablity and use of gender-disaggregated data
  • What international institutions are doing in this regard?
  • What are the most constraining legal, regulatory and other barriers? and what has recently been done to overcome these barriers. 
  • What else needs to be done to improve digital financial inclusion for gender equality 

Watch the event here:

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