Video of TC's Executive Panel "Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities" at the 2019 IMF/WB Spring Meetings

Monday, April 15, 2019 | Video
Toronto Centre hosted a thought-provoking panel session titled "Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities" at the recent 2019 IMF/WB Spring Meetings held in Washington, DC. We are grateful to our distinguished speakers for their participation and valued remarks on the topic. 

This panel advanced the conversation by examining the next steps that financial authorities can take to protect financial systems, investors, and the public against climate-related risks. It will also examine the ways that financial authorities may facilitate government responses to climate change. More specifically the panel examined: 

  • The likely impacts of climate change on financial institutions and potential consequences for financial stability 
  • How to respond to new and increased risks by adapting and enhancing existing regulation, supervision and disclosure requirements affecting intermediaries, markets, and products.
  • The need to promote the financial market and product innovations related to climate change, such as green bonds and market-based financing of green infrastructure initiatives 
  • The experiences of countries on managing climate-related risks in financial institutions, such as through stress-testing.

See original flyer for more details 

read the full summary here

Watch the event here:

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