Podcast Series: Fintech Innovations

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 | Video

Fintech innovations are quickly transforming the capital markets landscape for investors, market participants, regulators, and supervisors. Regulators and supervisors are facing increasing demands to protect investors while fostering innovation in a competitive global market. This podcast series will present the regulatory and market perspectives on fintech innovations currently taking place in Australia, and explore how regulators and supervisors can support innovation while protecting investors.

July 3rd: Introducing The Newest Technology to Capital Markets: The Regulator's Perspective

July 17: Introducing the Newest Technology to Capital Markets: The Industry's Perspective 

fintech_podcast_thumbnail2 (1).jpg

July 31: To Protect or to Foster Innovation: An Inside Look at a Regulator's Initiative to do Both 

fintech_podcast_thumbnail3 (1).jpg

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