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Monday, November 12, 2018
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TC Monthly Monitoring Report

The TC Monthly Monitoring Report (MMR) is a synopsis of recently issued supervisory
guidance, news releases, working papers and related documents
from over 40 standard
setting bodies, national regulators, international organizations and industry groups.

Featured Publications
IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts – What Supervisors Need to Know
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A great primer for supervisors on new accounting rules for insurance contracts that should lead to increased transparency and comparability of insurers' financial statements.
Guidelines on management of non-performing and forborne exposures
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Useful guidance for banks and supervisors in dealing with non-performing loans and other exposures.
The PRA’s Approach to Banking Supervision
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Excellent model for bank supervisors in setting out how they go about fulfilling their mandates.
TC’s Pick! Dr. Hooi Eng P.
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The PRA’s Approach to Insurance Supervision
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Excellent model for insurance supervisors in setting out how they go about fulfilling their mandates.
Machine Learning in Anti-Money Laundering
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Interesting summary of how machine learning techniques can help banks and insurers improve effectiveness and efficiency in complying with AML requirements.
TC’s Pick! Salvador C.
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Featured Content

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Enhancing the Safety and Efficiency of the National Payments System: The Role Of The Overseer
December 11-14, 2018

A 4-day training course which provides the basic tools for effective national payment system oversight. This course exposes participants to a holistic approach covering all the main areas of the payment, clearing and settlement ecosystem.

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One-day International Conference: Leveraging FinTech for Inclusive and Stable Financial Systems
December 10, 2018

The conference intends to provide a forum for discussing FinTech with a special focus on the implications for financial stability and challenges for financial supervisors and regulators. This session is designed for financial sector regulators and supervisors and central bankers, officials from Ministries of Finance, the BIS, the FSB, the IMF and the World Bank Group and international development agencies.

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Executive Panel: Improving Financial and Digital Inclusion for Gender Equality

Held in Bali, Indonesia, this high-level expert panel discussed the importance of financial and digital inclusion for women and what role regulators, supervisors and financial services providers can play in harnessing innovation for gender equality.

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by your own agency, that you believe may be useful for inclusion in the TCRC,
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