Harassment Policy

Toronto Centre’s Code of Conduct outlines our ongoing commitment to our values of integrity, respect and accountability. Toronto Centre is committed to maintaining a respectful and positive work environment.

All board members, advisors, employees, contractors and program leaders are expected to treat one another and Toronto Centre’s program partners and program participants with courtesy, dignity and respect, without discrimination or harassment.

Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Harassment is behaviour that is physically or verbally abusive, creating a hostile or intimidating work environment. Objective performance reviews and changes in job assignments do not constitute harassment. Supervisors are responsible to give appropriate constructive performance feedback, including performance improvement plans, and to make appropriate decisions on job assignments based upon an objective assessment of an employee’s performance. Occasional rudeness or rudeness that is not personally demeaning is not considered harassment.

Sexual harassment is any behavior of a sexual nature that is unwelcome, offensive or embarrassing to the individual(s) exposed to the behaviour. Sexual harassment includes unwanted physical contact, sexually suggestive conduct, offensive remarks, visual displays of degrading sexual images, requests for sexual favours and sexual assault. The most obvious form of sexual harassment in the work place is a direct or implied promise of career advancement in exchange for sexual favours. Sexual harassment does not include comments on clothing or appearance that most people would find reasonable.


All individuals included in the scope of this policy should report instances of harassment. Reporting incidences helps Toronto Centre to maintain our commitment to a high level of integrity and ethics.

All reports of harassment will be taken seriously and investigated discreetly in a timely manner. The Compliance Officer will keep the person who reported the incident informed of the status of the investigation. There will be no negative repercussions to anyone who reports an incident of harassment in good faith.

Violation of the Harassment Policy by board members, advisors, employees, consultants and program leaders will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or contractual services. Violation of a law may result in criminal or civil proceedings.

Headquarters (Toronto)

All incidents and suspected incidents of harassment should be reported for investigation to the Compliance Officer (Director of Finance), the President & CEO if the Compliance Officer is in a conflict position or the Chair of the Board if the President & CEO is in a conflict position.

Outside of Headquarters

Toronto Centre provides capacity development and technical training on an international stage, particularly in emerging markets and developing economies. As most training is provided on site in the host country, program personnel are still bound by the Harassment Policy and should not harass any other member of the program team, program participants or country agency officials. The program director should also be sensitive to any potential problems caused by behaviour of the program participants or country agency officials that could constitute harassment. Interaction outside of the program between the program team and program participants and/or country agency officials should be limited if there are any concerns.

Members of the program team should report any incidents to the program director or to the Compliance Officer (Director of Finance) for investigation.

1 Program team includes Program Leader(s), Program Director, and Program Coordinator