Gender Policy


Toronto Centre’s mission is to enhance the capacity of financial regulators from around the world to help improve their agencies’ crisis preparedness and to promote change that will lead to sound and inclusive financial systems. Toronto Centre recognizes that sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction would be more optimally achieved with the full participation of women in the financial sector. Women play a central role as income earners in lifting themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty; many women face barriers to full participation in financial institutions due to legal, social, regulatory, and cultural factors.

Even as overall financial inclusion increases, gender gaps persist. Globally, women disproportionately face barriers to financial access that prevent them from participating in the economy and from improving their lives. Many women who are excluded from formal financial systems are building financial independence through informal microfinance and microinsurance channels; an enabling regulatory environment and effective supervision are critical to the success and sustainability of these sectors.

Toronto Centre also recognizes that although women compose a large percentage of the workforce in financial institutions, in many countries women hold fewer leadership and decision-making positions.

Our Vision

A world where financial systems are stable and accessible to all.


  • To support women’s access to financial services which support women’s economic empowerment, employment, entrepreneurship and poverty reduction by promoting more inclusive and effective financial regulation and supervision around the globe, and to increase the participation of women in decision-making in the financial services industry.
  • To promote women’s full access to and use of high-quality financial services to support poverty reduction and economic growth which benefits women and men.
  • To contribute to a gender-sensitive financial services industry which supports women in leadership and decision-making by building capacity of senior leaders—men and women.

Core Commitments

  • To analyse and address the relevant gender dimensions of financial regulation and supervision in all capacity development programs, where appropriate.
  • To encourage gender balance in participation in all capacity development programs.
  • To support women’s participation in senior leadership and decision-making through leadership training and change management.
  • To strengthen the promotion and protection of women’s legal rights to financial services through training and policy dialogue.
  • To act as a role model in global financial supervision in promoting employment equity and gender equality.
  • To communicate Toronto Centre’s commitment to gender equality to partners and participants (regulators and supervisors) through policy dialogue and communications.
  • To create a workplace and learning environment in which staff and consultants treat others with respect, and that promotes equality and diversity.

Effective Date and Administration of Policy

The policy is effective as of May 20, 2016.

Requests for additional guidance or interpretation regarding this Policy can be directed to the Chief Executive Officer or designate.